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Facial & Body Contouring

Facial & Body Contouring

Spray tan contouring is an advanced spray tan technique that helps to enhance your physique.

The spray tan artist uses a specialized spray tan gun to carefully define different parts of the body — most popularly the abs, waist, booty, breasts, clavicle bone, and face. 


Contouring can be done on ALL body types. The leaner and more muscular, the more fine detailing can be used to really make the muscles pop. This type of contour is considered a full airbrush body contour. It’s very popular for fitness models and competitors for photo shoots. Mini or express contour, however, works for everyone and anyone who wants to create an appearance of a thinner, toned or more curvy body shape. Your spray tan artist will adjust their technique + placement to suit your body + desired outcome. 

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